Aegis Bitcoin Wallet

The most secure Bitcoin wallet for Android

Aegis was created from the ground up with security in mind.

Wallet Features

  • Send Bitcoin

    Send Bitcoin at anytime to anyone in the world.

  • Receive Bitcoin

    Receive Bitcoin from anyone. Just have them scan your BTC address or send it to them.

  • Backup/Import Wallet

    Import/export your wallet when you get a new phone.

  • NFC Security

    Store your encryption key separate on an NFC tag.

Aegis Bitcoin Wallet

Aegis Bitcoin Wallet

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About Aegis

The Aegis Bitcoin Wallet is developed using the highest standards in the fields of cryptography and information security. We utilize proven security algorithms and protocols. Moreover, our team leverages years of knowledge and experience in software development and security to deliver you a first class application / system and user experience. Aegis Bitcoin Wallet is free and open source and can be found on GitHub -

Amazing where it really counts.










Aegis is made possible by some amazing contributors. All work on Aegis is done voluntarily and is kept open source forever.

  • Bitcoin Security Project

    The Bitcoin Security Project is an open source organization created to help make Bitcoin security visible and to aid software developers in making informed security decisions when developing applications that transfer, store, and manipulate Bitcoin.